Frost was surrendered by her owners when they were being forced to move and could not take her with them.  They were heartbroken, but the reality is that owning a wolf-dog can make it difficult to move due to legal restrictions and cost of proper containment. She has jumped a 6-foot fence before, so an 8+ foot fence was necessary to keep her contained, as well as a lean-in at the top and a dig guard at the bottom to prevent escape. 

Frost was introduced to Orion and they bonded pretty quickly. They are now living together in their new enclosure that was completed in March of 2020, thanks to contributions from our generous donors! They now run up and down the fence line, racing with their neighbors Alo and Moonbeam. In the heat of the day, you will find them curled up under a shade tree, dreaming of the raw meats we feed them daily!

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