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Dakota was born on April 2, 2011. "Dakota" means "friend" in American Indian, and we named him that because when we rescued him, he became a friend to Teyah who had just lost her best friend Sheena (White Shepherd) to cancer. Dakota grew faster than any other canine we ever raised! At 6 months old he already weighed 60 lbs and had gigantic paws! He now lives in the main enclosure with Leia, and they were our first bonded pair. Dakota loves to assert his dominance over new volunteers by trying to make them flinch while they are filling his water bowl. He is a big boy who enjoys acting tough, but he is actually a gentleman and treats Leia like his queen. He loves to follow her to make sure she is always safe, and will even share his food with her if she asks.

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UC Davis 


Dakota is sponsored by:

Randy & Cheryle Morgan

Jennifer Ackley

 Werner & Diana Feile

Hailey Suarez

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