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Kimi was rescued by Wolf PAWS in July of 2014. She was picked up by Jefferson County TN Animal Control as a stray. We were tipped off by a friend who worked at the shelter about a cute little white shepherd/husky mix that may have also had wolf in her.  She was probably around a year and a half old at the time.  We named her "Kimi," which means "secret" in Native American because nothing was known of her background. She is kennel mates with Spirit who came to Wolf PAWS a little while after her. Kimi is very low-content and could possibly have been adopted out, but we kept her at the sanctuary because she and Spirit became such good friends, and she stole our hearts! Kimi has a very sweet personality and enjoys greeting and interacting with our visitors. She loves the attention and has been helping to socialize Spirit by showing him that new people are not scary! Kimi's playful personality and cute behavior have made her our unofficial ambassador!

Embark DNA test results

UC Davis 


Kimi is sponsored by:

Randy & Cheryle Morgan

Bridget Beresford

David Beresford

Kimmie Haliburda & Larry Gidcomb

Edward Manganel

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