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Venus was rescued in April 2022 at 1 yrs old. She came from Wyoming where wolf-dogs are illegal.  She was surrendered by her owner after she bit him when he was reaching for her. With a bite history and with wolf-dogs being illegal in WY, Venus was on borrowed time - the shelter was planning on euthanizing her if they could not find a sanctuary where she could go. Wolf PAWS took her in to be a companion for Zeus.  Venus has had a very hard time in her very short life. She has been neglected, discarded, and gone through the trauma of birth and losing puppies all before she turned one. She has previously been able to jump a 6ft fence, but the fences at Wolf PAWS are 8' high with dig guards built into each enclosure. But Venus has found safety, security and love here at our sanctuary and has no need to escape. She and Zeus take turns chasing each other around their 1/2 acre enclosure. 

Embark DNA test results

Venus is sponsored by:

Randy & Cheryle Morgan

Helen & Michael 

Gabrielle DiEugenio

 Werner & Diana Feile

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