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Zeus was surrendered by his owners at the age of 7 weeks. After having him for just 2 weeks, his previous owners soon realized what a challenge it is to raise a wolf-dog in the home. They did not have sufficient containment to keep him outside, and he was starting to get destructive, chewing on furniture and personal belongings with his razor sharp teeth. Wolf PAWS worked with nearby Anderson County Animal Shelter to get his puppy shots and get him safely to our sanctuary so he could be properly socialized. Early socialization is critical with wolf-dogs, especially with higher content animals, to help them overcome fears that develop early and can permeate into adulthood. As a pup, Zeus lived with our Director, Jennifer Ackley, who is a certified dog trainer and uses positive, rewards-based training methods to socialize Zeus and teach him basic manners such as Sit and Wait for his food, and Leave It when he explores off-limit items with his mouth. He is now living in our  newest enclosure with his pack mate Venus where he happily greets our visitors. He and Venus have ~1/2 acre to run and chase each other, although you will usually find them chilling together under the trees near the front of their enclosure.

Embark DNA test results

Zeus is sponsored by:

Randy & Cheryle Morgan

Kelly Cripe

Rita Leigh

Ashley Watford

The Woods Family

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