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In Loving Memory of our beloved wolf-dogs who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge


Our beautiful Frost died suddenly on February 7, 2022 at the age of 3 yrs. Frost was surrendered by her owners on February 7, 2020 when they were being forced to move and could not take her with them.  They were heartbroken, but the reality is that owning a wolf-dog can make it difficult to move due to legal restrictions and cost of proper containment. She had jumped a six-foot fence before, so an 8-foot + fence was necessary to keep her contained, as well as a lean-in at the top and a dig guard at the bottom to prevent escape. Wolf PAWS was able to take her in and care for her specific needs.

Frost was originally bonded with Orion, but the tours were very stressful for Orion. He was moved into a different enclosure off the tour circuit, and Frost then shared her enclosure with Zeus. Being left by her previous family made Frost untrusting of people, but she enjoyed playing chase in her enclosure with her pack mates and chilling under the trees. She leaves a hole in the hearts of her humans and her wolf-dog companions.

Frost was sponsored by Michael & Helen Aurenz, Randy and Cheryle Morgan, and Ashley Watford.

Frost's Embark DNA test results


Bauer & Danica.jpg

Bauer (originally called "Bear") was rescued by Knox County Animal Control when his owner was charged with animal cruelty. As you can see in the photos on the left, he was chained to a tree for so long it carved a ring in the base of the tree.  Water and food were scarce and he weighed just 76 lbs when he was brought to Young Williams Animal Center. There, he was treated for heartworms and hookworms, brought up-to-date on all his vaccinations and was microchipped and neutered.   Wolf-dogs are illegal to own in Knox County so Young Williams could not adopt him out to the public. Wolf PAWS rescued Bauer on September 7, 2015 from an uncertain fate that would likely have been euthanasia, and housed him in our intake pen while he was recovering from heartworm treatment. We worked extensively to socialize him and teach him basic manners.  After being with us for almost 2 months, we nursed him back to health and he weighed over 140 pounds!

 In November 2015,  an amazing woman in California adopted Bauer as a companion to her female wolf-dog, Danica. Bauer lived in the loving home he deserved with his compassionate owner and his best wolf-dog friend. Sadly, Bauer passed away in September 2021 after a brief illness. He was loved dearly and will be missed!

Bauer's Embark DNA test results

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