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Eko came to us in 2016. He was basically running feral in Virginia until he was rescued in August 2016 at just a few months old. We provided necessary medical treatments for his once-broken leg and helped him regain his strength. He was originally sharing an enclosure with Kimi and Spirit, but he really missed his personal time so we made him his own area.  Now Eko can live in peace while still playing with Kimi and Spirit through the fenceline whenever he chooses. He is extremely fearful of humans but likes to observe volunteers and visitors on tour. If you come to visit the sanctuary, you will see Eko's little ears peaking up from over a hill as soon as you pull up. Eko is our little guardian as he is always watching everything that goes on.

Embark DNA test results

Eko is sponsored by:

Randy & Cheryle Morgan

Frank & Valerie Mascaro

Heather Poirier

Michigan War Dog Memorial

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