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Koko was rescued in October 2022 from a shelter in east Tennessee. Her owner abandoned her and she was taken into the local shelter where she was cared for until they got her Embark DNA test results back which determined she had 47% wolf content. They contacted Wolf PAWS and we thought she would make a good companion to Eko who was our only solo wolf-dog. Eko is very timid, and Koko has a very outgoing personality. Koko immediately fit right in and the other wolf-dogs welcomed her into the pack.  Since her arrival, Eko has been more frisky and he's been coming much closer to our staff. And the two of them run playfully at the fence with Spirit and Kimi. Koko loves to go on walks with her people and also loves to greet visitors. Book a private tour and come meet Koko in person!

Embark DNA test results

Koko is sponsored by:

Randy & Cheryle Morgan

Tommy & Carlee Barron

Dick Cassle

Carol Norton

Kenneth Ward

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