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Wolf PAWS in the news

September 4, 2014 St. Thomas Source

October 11, 2016 Knox News Sentinel

October 27, 2016 Jefferson County Post

October 2, 2018 Jefferson County Post

May 7, 2019

September 24, 2019 Jefferson County Post

October 14, 2019

March 1, 2020 (

Books about wolves & wolf-dogs

Living with Wolfdogs; An Everyday Guide to a Lifetime Companionship - Nicole Wilde

Wolfdogs A to Z; Behavior, Training and More - Nicole Wilde

The Wolf Hybrid – Dorothy Prendergast

Above Reproach: A Guide for Wolf Hybrid Owners – Dorothy Prendergast

Dog Language: An Encyclopedia of Canine Behavior – Roger Abrantes

The Wolf Almanac - Robert Busch

The Wolf: The Ecology & Behavior of an Endangered Species - David Mech

Wolves of the World: Natural History and Conservation – Todd K. Fuller

Wolfdogs Magazine, Man’s Original Best Friend

Between Wolf And Dog - Jessica Addams and Andrew Miller

Online Resources


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