Meet Our Wolf-Dogs

Wolf PAWS currently has 8 resident wolf-dogs  living at our sanctuary.

Wolf-dogs are escape artists! So proper containment is an absolute necessity. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing it right, as the old adage goes.  All of our enclosures are 8' high with barbed wire lean-in at the top to prevent escape (yes, wolf-dogs can jump over an 8' fence in a single bound!), 4' fencing buried around interior perimeter as a dig guard, and have double-gated entryways to further prevent escape. We are fortunate that none of our residents have ever tried to escape to the outside world - they are living the high life as far as wolf-dogs go and they know it! We provide them with ponds and pools for swimming, logs and boulders to climb on, luxury sleeping accommodations with a lookout on the roof, and daily meals consisting of raw meat mixed with grain-free kibble. All of our enclosures are a minimum of 1/2 acre each which is sufficiently large to allow them to run freely and get their daily dose of exercise and play. 

Click on the individual wolf-dog to learn more about them.